Friday, 4 May 2012


Don't you just love autumn?  It really is my most favourite time of year.  The coolness of the air is like a gentle kiss of freshness, especially after the humid summer that comes from living on the coast.

One of the special things we love to do in Autumn is to visit the country town of Orange where we used to live for 17 years.  My dear Mum still lives there so the tug to return home never leaves us.  Anzac day falls in Autumn as well so it is with great emotion and pride that we take part in this day of remembrance to support my 87 year old Mum who still marches with the Ex-service woman and to pay homage to my Dad who served in the Second World War in the Middle East; Darwin and New Guinea. This year saw hundred (maybe even thousands) fill the streets with people showing support and love with grateful hearts to those brave men and women who sacrificed so much to give us all a future of hope, security and safety.  We WILL never forget.

As the bugle was playing the last post I closed my eyes and thought back to the many times I heard my Dad play this piece.  It is such a beautiful yet haunting tune bringing with it so many memories for so many people.  For me it means love.  When I opened my eyes a kaleidoscope of colour flashed before them as the sunlight caught the falling autumn leaves as they danced to the ground.  Such beauty and a perfect analogy as each leaf represented the brave soliders with their comradeship; the mothers, wives and families left at home...wondering; the sacrifice of love; the years unfolding, remembering those that were left behind, those that returned with physical and emotional scars to last their lifetime yet the brilliant colour that comes to our lives now because of such selfless bravery.  Yes, I know I will try and live my life worthy of such love and sacrifice.

Visits to the wineries; Mt. Canobolas; Cook and Moulder Parks; catching up with friends; showing off this beautiful part of the world to our coastie friends and of course a reunion with some of the dear ladies that came to my studio in Orange made for such a special and colourful time.  It makes me so happy to know they are continuing on with their art and painting such beautiful pieces.

On one of the many walks during this visit I stood underneath the most blazing autumn tree.  A song came straight to mind...can you guess?  "Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue..."  All the colours of the rainbow, a kaleidoscope of colour, a gift of beauty from my favourite season of the year, there to bless my soul and warm my heart.  I hope during this amazing time of year you can find colour in your life too.  Maybe you don't have a colourful autumn tree to stand underneath and look heavenward, but I'm sure if you look ever so closely, colour will be there in a smile; a walk at sunset; a juicy red apple or even a phone call from a loved one you need to hear from.  I  hope some of these things will be there to add a tinge of sparkle to your day.

Now I'm off to the studio to start preparing for classes and a High Tea next week ~ a group of girls to celebrate their friend's 18th birthday.  Can't wait to bring a little bling, history and lar-de-dar fun to this group!

Cathy XXX