Monday, 7 November 2011


Life is so full of opposites isn't it?  Tall/short; happy/sad; black/white; hot/cold; bitter/'s sort of how I'm feeling right at this very moment!  I love spring with it's glorious colours, blooms and sweet smells, but alas spring doesn't like me with my sneezing, wheezing and coughing.  The promise of warm weather coming is quite a joy to some as they relish the rising temperature, don their swimmers and head for the crystle waters of the beach to feel the sand on their feet and dance along the lacey edge of the waves as cool water tickles their toes.  For me and others like me summer is a time when I take cover in the airconditioning, cover up and do what it takes to keep my body cool to stop the hot/humid conditions affecting a medical problem that I have.  Yes life is bitter sweet but I always remember my mother saying to me you can't have good without knowing what bad is.  Life really is all about how we handle the bad.  How we respond to the trials of life and how no matter what, we try to make the most of everything that comes our way and learn from the experiences that are thrown at us.  This is when our character is built, our faith is made stronger, we learn to smile at adversities and our compassion extends to those around us who are also doing it tough. 

During such times I like to look for the beautiful things in life, so although spring and summer may not like me, there are lovely things during these seasons that bring such joy to my days and bring a smile to my face.  I love the quote that says:~

"When life gives you lemons,
make lemonade."

Roses would have to be one of the joys of these warmer months.  I have already been picking the beautiful blooms of "Remember me;" "Appreciation;" and "New Dawn."  The climbing "Jane McGrath" soft pink buds are about to burst into perfection and the pretty "Pink Splash" carpet rose, a gift from Wendy who comes to art classes is trailing beautifully over our terraced wall with it's first flowering.  Without a doubt there is always beauty for ashes and there is always sweetness to find when things seem bitter.

Sweetness has come to the studio this week with me finally finishing the canvas of "Remember me."  I left her sitting on the easle for quite a few weeks not quite knowing what was missing, then it dawned on me.  The most beautiful time of day to see a rose and smells it's perfume is in the morning when the dew is still on the petals and leaves, so with that now taken care of, here she is:~

I tried something new for the background of this piece.  First I scraped rose pink/black/opal down the canvas using an old atm card, then when that was dry I used a 'shammy mop' and flicked warm white all over it.  Not sure how professional this procedure is, but I just loved the result, so for all you budding artists out there, give it a try ~ it really was fun!

The studio is up for a busy couple of months and before you know it Christmas will be here when we will be decking the halls and spreading the love!  It really is my favourite time of year, but more about that next time.....  The ladies who come to class are all busy finishing off projects, Kath's 'Ducks a wandering' are just beautiful, so take a look at 'Studio Peek' under classes and 'Gallery' on  to see what we have been up to lateley.  Don't forget I would love to paint that special piece for you to decorate your own home or to give as a gift...OMG only 47 shopping days to Christmas:))

So, until next time, enjoy making lemonade.
Cathy XXX