Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Hello dear friends. It has been 8 months since my last contact with you all & when I went into the administration panel for this blog I noticed that over 1,500 of you have been reading my simple, humble words. What a blessing to know & I do hope my message to you today will bring comfort and meaning to your life.

Well, where to start? 2013 hasn't been the year I expected at all. Sadness, confusion, trials and choosing the road called ''trust'' have been my little lot so far. I do hope your days haven't been as difficult.

It all started in March when my darlin' of a Mum had a fall. Up until this time, she was an amazing lady for 88 years of age. Each week she would go off to her clubs which included Legacy, bible study group, seniors group, Probus, exercise gym, church, not to forget her weekly visit to the shops & her walks around the garden paths. On the day of her fall she was getting ready to go to the school across the road to read to the children which she had been doing for 4 years. Well long story short, my Mum didn't recover from her fall. She tried so hard doing all the rehab and exercises to help mend her broken shoulder and hip, but after 4 months of trying her best, her little body was just too tired & in mid June she arrived in her heavenly home.

I still can't get used to not having her here with us, but each day does show steps of progress. One thing I have thought about sooo much since her leaving is the word BELONG. My Mum belonged to a beautiful family of 5 sisters & a loving mother and father. She had studied their family heritage for years and has given all of us a copy of the family tree to let us know where we BELONG and where our roots came from. Here is just one photo of my heritage:~

The more I thought about the significance of the word belong, it took me back to some words I wrote not long ago about our children & how in belonging, there also comes another life lesson of "letting go." Our children belong to us in a sense for a lifetime, just as I was a part of my Mum's life for the whole of her time with us, but there was a time that she also had to ''let me go'' just as I am having to learn now how to let her go, so I can continue living my life here to the full. These are the thoughts I wrote not long ago:~

"Right from the cradle, we are being taught the lesson of 'letting go.' At first our babies need us to carry them everywhere, then all of a sudden they are off and running. They are so dependant on their Mum for feeding, then they are able to feed themselves with a few fun moments in between with bowls of porridge on their head (just ask my Mum) and a sloppy, sludgy mess on the floor under the high chair. It is happening their whole lives as parents are continually faced with the next episode of letting go. Feeding, walking, talking, learning, reading, holding hands...Oh I did find that one hard. One of the most beautiful experiences a mother can have is a soft, chubby, little hand in theirs. Then we are faced with driving lessons and although a tad stressful, well hugely stressful actually, this particular letting go lesson was much appreciated as Mum's taxi service went into receivership! Next you may be faced with saying goodbye at the airport as your darling daughter flies the nest for grand adventures of her own or you may be watching your son's saying their vows to their beautiful brides they have chosen to love and cherish for the rest of their lives. Where ever your journey takes you, it is all a lesson in letting go and the earlier we learn it as parents the easier it will be for our children."

"There are only two bequests
we can hope to give our children.
One is roots, the other is wings."
Hodding Carter (1907 - 1972.)
There it is in a nut is roots - BELONGING; the other is wings - LETTING GO.
It is with a heart full of appreciation that I am so grateful I belong to the family I was born into. We weren't perfect, neither is my own family now (well nearly he he he!), but we all belong to a faith that lives by loving first, forgiving always, living for God and most of all having fun along the way. All these thoughts are helping me face each day of 'letting my Mum go' as I thank my Heavenly Father for her beautiful life.
When it was her time to leave, she said her goodbyes so graciously. I will never forget her final words to me "Goodbye love, goodbye." I replied a little puzzles not realizing it was a final farewell. "Where are you off to Mum? Do you mean your heavenly home?" With such faith and assurance of where she BELONGED, she answered in her sweet, soft voice "Yes love, I love you...goodbye." Not long after this she also said her goodbyes to my other sister and then turned to her first born, who was by her side and said "I'm resting in my Father's arms."
So my lovely friend - where do you belong? My most deep and urgent thought, in this troubled word we are living in at this time is:~
I hope you still 'belong' to your family or has offenses, hurts and heartache along the way torn you apart? Maybe it's time to put love and forgiveness back in it's rightful place.
I also hope and pray you belong to God. In His word He says that Jesus is the only way to do this as He is our gift of eternal life. It's not hard you just takes one little whisper..."Jesus, I want to belong to you." He is right there you know and He will do the rest. He is such a perfect, loving God.
The most amazing thing about all this is that I know without a doubt that I will see my beautiful Mum again. She is in heaven with the rest of her family & my Dad having the most perfect time waiting patiently for the rest of us to join her when it is our time. This really does make the letting go process so much easier. Love you my gorgeous little Mum.

Well it's time to put the kettle on. Nothing nicer than a cup of tea in the Old Country Roses set my Mum gave to glad she introduced me to the Royal Albert family to belong to, too!
Love and blessings,
Cathy. Xx

Thursday, 3 January 2013


Instead of writing this blog as the Christmas decorations were going up...I'm am doing it, as the decorations are coming down! Why? Well, it is a very good reason ~ my techno man hadn't had time to load the blog site onto our new computer! All is forgiven though as it is giving me a chance to reflect on the beautiful season we have just experienced with a grateful heart & precious memories.

I noticed a theme evolving this year as the Christmas season began, firstly with my most favourite book I read this time every year, "The Light of the World" by my favourite artist Thomas Kinkade. It was with a touch of sadness that I read his beautiful words each night just before I put my light out, knowing of his troubled end to life. Being known as the painter of light, his amazing art work always depicted some form of illuminating light through windows, street lamps, Churches, sunrises, sunsets portraying his faith & outlook on life ~ that Christ is the light of the world & we all can bring light into our everyday living by being who we were created to be. It is a lovely thought that his paintings & writings will continue on with his message of faith & hope.

As the theme of light continued from messages at church & even an unexpected serenade from Doug Parkinson singing " This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine" at Carols in the Domain, it has left me pondering about how we can do just that ~ let our light shine. Our world today has such a lot of darkness in it, sometimes to overwhelming degrees, but my faith & hope, like Thomas Kinkade is in the baby that came all those years ago. A bright star shone that night bringing a light into the world that has never dimmed because the baby became a man & that man, Jesus is the Saviour of the World. It is our choice whether we follow Him or not, but if we do, we are promised an eternal life of light & love. There is no gift more precious than that.

I was touched by the Queens message this year where she encouraged us all to follow the example of Jesus by living a life of service to others, then finished by saying "...and what can I give Him, I give my heart." I do hope your heart is full to overflowing with Christmas bliss, wonderful memories and light & love in abundance to the extent that you will shine your little light to all those around you. The world will be a much more better place if you do, because there is only one unique and beautiful you!

For me, the studio is one place where I shine my light. High Teas are in the air, new projects and creativity are ready to begin. 2013 is going to be a brilliant and shining year.

Blessings of light and love to you all,
Cathy Xx