Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Greater love

I can't believe it is 4 months since I last posted! I must be having too much fun...so the saying goes:) It has been super busy during this time with the studio, family, visits to family in the country...oh and yes, a lovely holiday in Tasmania. It was our first time. With a Kiwi hubby, we usually set of to N.Z. but this time I helped him change his mind, so we ventured off to the prettiest state in Australia (in my opinion.)

We had no idea what treasures of beauty & experiences were waiting for us, but my oh my, it certainly is a gem of a place. It wasn't hard to be reminded of our times in England with the many stone walls, green scenery, old cottages and rolling hills. I was amazed at the paddocks of daffodils and snowflakes. Who on earth planted all of those? We joked saying it may have been the convicts on their days off.

One thing that struck a cord in our hearts was the fact that it certainly is a state of sacrifice. We are here because of the lives given way back 'when' and not just by convicts either. Many brave and adventurous people left all they knew and loved to try for a better life. A life of promise, hope and prosperity. Sadly, as we saw in St. David's park in Hobart, some never made it off the ship. We spent a long time in this park reading the heartfelt plaques on the memorial walk. So many babies, so many mothers and fathers who didn't reach 40...so much sacrifice.

There is a verse in the bible that says "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." I'm not sure if these dear folk knew that is what they were doing, but I was so moved this day thinking that is exactly what they have done...there is no greater love than this. It's the love that Jesus showed when he gave His life for us, so that we could have an eternal hope and future. I hope you know this love ~ it will change your life forever.

During our travels around this beautiful state we found the little town and church where my great, great grandfather lived. He was originally from  Cork in Ireland, then in the army in India, then came to settle in Tasmania. Again, a brave move, a hard life, but sacrifices that meant I have had a better life. Each day I am so grateful for those who have gone before me to pave the way and only hope my choices in life are making it better for my generations to come.

Only this week I found out that a great sacrifice was made for me in the form of some words spoken. I am so humbled to think that someone loves me enough to do this at the expense of their own well being....no greater love than this. I hope that we all can travel along this road of sacrifice from day to day, to make it a better world for all those we love and cherish.


Another time of year is fast approaching where we can spread some of this love to those around us...yes Christmas is only 11 weeks away, yipeeeee! I just love Christmas:) In the studio some of the girls have been busy making pretty little dishes and candles decorated with the technique of decoupage using paper serviettes. The ladies of the Central Coast Decorative Art Assoc. shared the candle technique & next month I am showing them how to decoupage the serviettes onto china dishes. Embossing the patterns with hand painted embellishments really make these pieces a gift that anyone would be happy to receive, especially if the dish is filled with some Christmas sweets:) If you would be interested in finding more about these classes just go to www.gardenterracestudio.com.au and follow the contact links.

I hope the days ahead are filled with 'great love' for you all,

Cathy xx