Thursday, 19 November 2015


Well here we are in November of 2015!! How did we get here so fast? My mind is a blur with all the flurry of life that has happened since my last blog post...we won't mention how long ago it was hehe!

Some of the happenings in the last year have been pure joy! Some have been very exciting, unexpectant pleasures...but as life is also about seasons and curve balls, some have been moments of sadness, hurt, pain and shear heartache. I find as I travel this road of ups, downs and turnarounds the most helpful and important thing to remember is who you are travelling with and what is your reaction and attitude to the goings on in your life and around you.

I heard once a saying that goes something like this "It isn't what is happening to you that is your reaction to it!" Well I do actually think it does count what is happening to you...everything matters, especially if it is heartache and pain that you are experiencing. I do agree though, that it is your reaction to it that matters most! It is when we go through the depths of despair that we really do find out 'who we really are.' Do we respond in bitter revenge; self pity; anger; tit for tat; doubt OR do we respond in love; kindness; turning the other cheek; faith and compassion.

A dear friend of mine came to my rescue a couple of weeks ago with the most beautiful words of hope and love. It was one that I needed desperately as I battled with physical injury that was sooo painful. Our thoughts are often the most vulnerable  when we are going through physical pain, don't you think? You can be coping so well with life's injustices...then comes pain and everything just falls in a heap!! Well, this message is the most beautiful and simplest of reflections "A soft answer turns away wrath."

Soul Sisters Rose.
With recent world events it has been so encouraging and enlightening to see mankind respond not out of fear or hatred but out of for one another that will bring a future of hope.
As we draw near to the season I love is my prayer and hope that regardless of your circumstances you will be able to turn away all forms of wrath with soft words that come from a heart of LOVE. In this dark and often evil world, I believe LOVE is our most powerful weapon. If individuals can respond in love I believe the world will be a much better place. Yes we need to protect and stand against injustice but we need to do it from a heart of LOVE.
That reminds me...did you know I wrote a book? I don't think I have even blogged about the book I have recently had published through Arkhouse Press. Time has literally flown! It is a book about BEAUTY and how in our most darkest of moments it is beauty that is all around us, to fill us with hope and ease our soul. Beauty is available to everyone, it does not differ between gender; race; age or circumstances. It can come in the form of a soft spoken word (there it is again;) a vision of loveliness; a hug from a friend; a kind gesture. Yes beauty is all around - yours for the taking!

"Beauty All Around"
Catherine Grace.
This award winning book is available at most book shops in Australia (if not in stock they can order it in for you.) It is also available from my webpage and can be posted off to anywhere in the world! It would make the most beautiful gift for that someone special in your life. It is a collection of short stories; quotes; poems and brings a message our suffering world is in much need of.
So dear ones, if your heart is troubled at the moment or you are feeling hurt and pain I hope you can dig deep and respond in love. 'Reach out and touch somebodies hand, make this world a better place if you can'...Ohhhh I just wrote the words to a song. Must be time to put on some Christmas music and saturate our home with the most beautiful season of all as we celebrate the birth of JESUS...the one who taught us so magnificently how to LOVE in all situations. He remains my only hope for now and all eternity. I trust He is yours too!
Be very, very blessed in all you do,
Cathy (Catherine Grace - now author...hehe, who'd of thought?) Xx