Friday, 7 February 2014

How many is enough?

So here we are, the start of another year, that already is going too fast. Christmas came and went in such a flash, I am struggling to remember all the beauty of each moment...or maybe that is just my age! I hope 2014 is going to be your best year yet, where dreams are fulfilled, promises are revealed and love comes into your world in abundance.

For me, the year has begun with exciting creations happening in the art studio and High Teas being very popular already. Something that has been happening in our household has been a massive Spring clean - well more than that really as it is now well into Summer and we aren't finished yet. We have been uncluttering...just a tad he he!!

Something that my man and I just adore is collecting. We have done it all our married life from Royal Albert china; Beatrix Potter memorabilia; ducks (or the unfeathered variety) to trains; automobiles (in miniature of course) and works of art.  After 39 years of following in Mr. Bower Birds footsteps, we were definitely bulging at the seems and with our children all flown the coop now, we have felt the need to down-size.

Oh the drama - what does one keep and what does one give away; sell or just throw? As painful as this recent burst of sorting has been, we do feel just a smidgen lighter and ready to start again hahaha! No not really - we are trying our best to just window shop slightly more these days and save for the next exciting trip to distant shores.

One thing we have struggled with is the question ''how many is enough?'' Well for me, it was quite easy - all the Royal Albert; Beatrix Potter; duck ornaments could stay and the rest could go! I wonder why that didn't go down to well for someone else? Sooo being the loving heart that I am, we have both chosen our absolute favourite collections and given the rest to charity so at least we know it is blessing someone else.

It is interesting to note that over here on the coast, we have often been looked on as rather weird or extravagant - well I guess not too many people have 170 Royal Albert plates on their wall do they? In the country, collecting just seems to be a way of life and I never felt ''different'' like I do here in this minimal, foreign land! We have even had well meaning 'friends' remind us in a bible study group one night of a speaker that had come to the church with an important message of NOT owning too many things. Oh dear...what sinners we must be!

Well just to humour a little justification here, we are very generous in our giving and all my Royal Albert collection is used each week for my business. It gives me so much joy being able to serve people who come to Garden Terrace Studio using the very best china just because I believe they are special and deserve the very, very best that life has to offer. It is my way of using what is in my hand to give and just loving on people.

One thing that has come to mind so much lately is a collector I just adore. His collections are just breath taking and there isn't a day goes by that I am not overwhelmed by the beauty of everything He owns...and also shares with us. Can you guess? Yes this collector is my Heavenly Father. Do you know that God has over 10,000 birds in His world wide collection. Oh and the beauty of His flowers; trees; animal life - the list is endless and to think He made it all for my pleasure is the most amazing act of love and generosity.

In the days ahead I hope you stop to smell those flowers; visit the bay or creek to feed those ducks;  look heavenward for that bird in flight...even climb a tree (if you are younger than me!) As you do I'm sure your heart will just explode with gratefulness and you will know and feel the love from the one who knows you better than anyone else - your Heavenly Father...yes, He just adores you and wants the very best for you in every area of your life.

Ooo, I know - why not start a collection of your own? You are certainly in very good company. I can't even start to explain how much fun and pleasure my hubby and I have had over the years sharing our times of searching antique shops; markets; charity shops for that very special find!

Here is to an abundance of all things good in the days and months ahead.

Love and blessings,
Cathy Xx