Friday, 23 December 2011


As you all know, gifts come in all different shapes, sizes and styles and I have to admit that giving gifts is one of my most favourite things to do.  Throughout the year I love to surprise friends, family, even neighbours with an unexpectant gift.  Of course when it is a birthday or Christmas, that is even better as I can really let my head go:)  As I write this last blog for the year I have 3 presents left to wrap, one for my first grandchild (oh the joy), one for my youngest son (his last living at home as he married next year) and one for my husband (who I am so grateful to for all his support and love.)  All the rest are sitting beautifully under our Christmas tree waiting for Christmas day to arrive, when paper and bows will be flying and love will be flowing!

One of the most precious gifts I think we can give each other is 'ourselves.'  A smile, a helping hand, company for a lonely heart are all things we can give on a daily basis.  You might not think that is important, but the way you do things is very unique ~ no one else has your lovely smile or can do things just like you do.  This reminds me of some very gifted ladies I had come to one of my High Teas (you can read more about those on  These particular ladies all belong to a local craft group and decided to come and experience the High Teas I do at Garden Terrace Studio.  I just love spoiling the clients that come with not only delicious delicacies but also with the history of High Tea and also a tour of my 170 (and still growing) Royal Albert plate collection.  Parlous games and a private garden setting all add to a really fun time and this year I am so grateful to have been able to serve 91 ladies with bottomless cups of tea and treats.  Well the table was set with Royal Albert Old Country Roses all ready to receive these very crafty ladies and to my surprise they bought some of their pieces to show me. 

Anita is so clever at making scenes and objects out of eggs.  She even has made a teddybear useing a goose egg for the body (photos  will follow.)
Caroleyne brought her Diarama show box displaying the mose peaceful, pretty scene and Jenny is a very gifted Bunka embroiderer (Jenny does classes too, so contact me if you are interested.)

All these ladies showed such patience, an eye for detail and beauty, a steady hand and also a unique way of using their hands.  That is one of the most precious things about the Decorative art classes I teach too.  Each artist is so gifted with a unique style of painting their pieces.  We can all paint the same design but each one will turn out differently.  Amazing!

Christmas really is my most favourite time of year.  Not only because I get to shower my loved ones with gifts, but also because of the Reason for the Season, so the old saying goes.  If I didn't have God's gift Jesus in my life I really don't know how I would cope from day to day.  He is the most precious gift to me I could ever receive.  When I am overwhelmed with lifes trials He is always there to encourage, support, comfort and see me through.  When I am happy and content I can share it all with Him and somehow He makes it even better.  You may be asking 'how?'  Well that's the mystery, that's the miracle of is really simple though ~ all you have to do is to 'ask' Him!

As I leave you to get on with all your Christmas joy I just want to thank everyone who has supported my little business this year.  It has been a huge task to get Garden Terrace Studio off and running and in 2012 I really do hope to be able to share the wonderful world of Decorative Art and High Teas with you all.....(and more too I hope!)

Here is one of my favourite Christmas cards I painted a few years ago ~ the deer is listening to the Church bells as they ring out over the snowy medow.....(I do hope I can experience a white Christmas one year ~ does anyone else have that dream?)

So blessings to you all this Christmas and may 2012 bring peace, joy, love and hope in abundance ~ Cathy XXX